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With specialized and proven knowledge of equality, diversity and inclusion, we can help you to comply with equality law, promote best practice and remove any cultural or organizational barriers within your workplace. Working innovatively and collaboratively to help you deliver Equality Strategic Plans, Impact Assessments, Equal Pay Audits, Consultation and Engagement Processes, Training Programs and other services, we can provide invaluable insights into people’s attitudes, experiences and expectations, thereby assisting the implementation of cultural change.

  Diversity Consultancy

Project management at its most fundamental level is about getting things done. At ELECTRA we can help you design, plan, monitor, control and, finally, deliver your projects using an effective combination of process applications, project management skills (Prince II) and proven knowledge and experience to help you achieve your objectives – in other words, to get things done!

  Project Management
  Business & HR Advisory 

Running your business efficiently, delivering quality products and services on time, managing your workforce and coping with all the paperwork can often be a formidable challenge.  For example, have you ever felt as though you haven’t got the time, energy or experience to cope with all the legal and administrative paperwork? Just imagine being able to concentrate on running your business while we unravel the maze of employment and equality legislation for you!

With expert advice built on years of qualified experience, we can help you to deal effectively with a wide range of business and HR demands, including assistance with managing and supporting people, data analysis, report and policy writing, marketing and communication, and much more...

We also provide advice and support to help you engage with your workforce. The benefits of meaningful workforce engagement is often overlooked or unappreciated. From policy development to strategic planning, your employees often have invaluable insights, opinions and ideas. Listening to colleagues’ views will not only help to improve human relations and workforce morale: it could even help you run your business more efficiently and save your company money. At ELECTRA we help you to engage, to elicit those hitherto unheard voices, before making evidence-based recommendations and action plans to benefit your business.


Our training services, which cover a range of HR and Equality areas, can also help you nurture skills, grow in confidence and, ultimately, positively influence and manage organisational change. We always customise our training courses to suit individual and organisational needs. Call us to discuss available training programs.

  Training Services


Professional Consultancy Services

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