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Become the change you want to see… 
Coaching and mentoring has been proven to engender better performance from individuals, teams and businesses. Built on trust, integrity and experience, our services provide wide-ranging support strategies, enabling the changes and improvements that matter to you. Our intelligent approach, which is personalised and non-judgemental, helps you define, quantify and focus on your goals, dramatically improving your chances of realizing your vision of the future.


Choosing ELECTRA for coaching and mentoring is similar to being fitted for a tailor-made suit, rather than just taking one off the rack. With something as personal as coaching and mentoring, there can be no effective “one-size-fits-all” strategy. That’s why we have developed a tailored approach which addresses the individual needs and desires of each and every client. Qualified to coach to Executive level, we draw on an eclectic toolbox of business theories, leadership practices and coaching methods to help you and your team unlock your true potential.  

Distance Coaching / Mentoring: Global access for you and your business    
ImageFace-to-face coaching and mentoring is not your only option: Our services are also available via Skype or by phone, eliminating any time and distance constraints you may have. Wherever you are in the world, reach out to ELECTRA and start becoming the change you want to see.  

What do Coaching and Mentoring Services include? 

Coaching & Mentoring Resources

Resources, research and development tools to help you grow and thrive

Coaching & Mentoring Preliminary Discussion
To understand client objectives and formulate an effective strategy

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
Interactive, result-orientated coaching and mentoring for you and your teams

Why Coaching and Mentoring Services?

Professional coaching or mentoring can help bring many positive benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, independent and impartial support, increased confidence, motivation and decision making, support to identify solutions to work issues, improved communication skills, better leadership skills, and much more... Make your commitment today and contact us to arrange a free 15 minute initial consultation, where we will allocate time to get to know each other, understand your challenges and goals, and identify the best programme for you. Alternatively, choose from a range of payment options below.


Your Investment – What do I get?

  • Free 15 minute initial consultation

  • Choose from a package of 1-6 sessions of coaching or mentoring (the more sessions booked, the larger discounts)

  • Coach/mentor preparation and follow-up

  • Tailored sessions which last 60 minutes each

  • One week’s email questions / additional support

  • Relevant resources, worksheets and exercises.


How do I Book?

  • Make your payment online using the link On-line Purchase link or call us using information on our Contacts page

  • We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time most convenient to you.

  • You will be reminded of your coaching or mentoring session before the start of each session

  • For Skype users, we will contact you at the start of your session


Face-to-face Sessions

All face to face sessions are held in private rooms in various locations within a 50 mile radius of Aberystwyth, Wales. Coaching outside a 50 mile radius from Aberystwyth may incur additional travel and accommodation costs.


Our Qualifications and Standards 
Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 7 which qualifies us to deliver to Executive level. We adhere to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Code of Conduct and Ethical Practice.




What are the Benefits
Increases confidence  - Develops interpersonal skills  - Improves communication and engagement - Stronger leadership skills - Greater productivity  - Greater self- awareness - Increases commitment & loyalty - Greater motivation - More focus on goal-setting & achievement - Better decision making - More openness to personal development - Helps identify solutions to work issues - Improves relationships - Increases creativity - Supports  organisational & personal change


Coaching and Mentoring  Services

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